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This Kit was top notch quality from packaging to tutorial vids, tools and film. The application was very doable for the diy novice and I'm super impressed with my results. Definitely will recommend..10 out of 10 plus 10!

Michele N.Model Y Owner

The DIY kit is excellent. Tesbros has done a fantastic job with the kit, videos, and product quality. Use the tools right and practice before installing any big pieces. Use lots and lots of slip solution and don’t be afraid, trust yourself and you can do it. The hood and the fenders are the easy parts for the bumper you will need a buddy to help you. It can be done by one person, but it would take you much longer. Try to do the whole car in two days if it is your first time. Overall really happy with the purchase and it was a great experience.

Mujtab S.Tesla owner

Great quality product, packaged comes with everything you need neatly organized. Instructional videos are must watch, without watching them don't even try. can be done with one person. Be PAITENT, hard to complete in one day, dedicated a weekend and you'll be fine. It won't come out flawless, at least for 1st time try, but it's pretty close. Have a few bubbles that I'm hoping to go away by themselves in a few days.

Paymon M.Tesla Model Y owner

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