NOTICE: Tesla recently announced that all Model 3 and Model Y’s will no longer be equipped with Ultrasonic Sensors in favor of its “Tesla Vision” system.

To figure out whether your Tesla is equipped with ultrasonic sensors or not, please review the image below.

If you purchased our kit prior to your delivery and your Tesla does NOT have the sensors, please email us at support@tesbros.com for a replacement piece free of charge.

Installation Reference


No Sensors


  • If things don’t align the way you think they should, that’s not a problem. PPF is flexible and can be reset by simply spraying slip solution and trying again as long as it hasn’t been over an hour. Make sure to spray a lot of slip solution and get it slipper before trying again.
  • Bubbles that are smaller than a nickel will eventually dry out. It can take up to 2 weeks for it to fully dry.

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