Message from the TESBROS Crew

Congratulations on installing and protecting your Tesla! I know it wasn’t easy but I appreciate you for sticking with us all the way till the end. And looking back the last two years that took us to create all of this, we couldn’t have done it without our team (team comes together in the shot). This product is a culmination of hard work from each and every one of our team members.

  • Marlee produced the whole course and shot all the images for our website
  • Destoe created an amazing support system for you all and helped with the website and really the whole web experience
  • Sophia designed parts of the kit and tested it many many many times to make sure it’s perfect for everyone
  • Alex curated all the items in your amazing kit and ran operations so it was shipped and packaged on time

And I know I’m missing dozens of other things that the whole team really have done but this video would be way too long. But I want to recognize our whole team and again, we all want to say thank you and see you in the next course! Cheers!

(We do cheers from Tesquila and wave good bye? Not sure yet)