Solutions & Squeegee Techniques

Mixing Solutions

This module covers how to correctly mix your tack and slip solutions. Feel free to come back to this one anytime you need to refill your bottles. 

Easy guide:

  • Slip: 5 ml soap solution (1 packet) to 1000 ml distilled water 
  • Tack: 800 ml of distilled water and 200 ml iso alcohol

Remember: Don’t shake! Two tosses back and a swirl will mix it.

Squeegee Techniques

Types of Squeegees

In your kit, we’ve included 5 squeegees which are numbered 1-3. Some are labeled S or L which stands for Small and Large. 

  1. Smallest and is great to use for smaller surface areas.
  2. Large and Small versions; are versatile since it is angled and can work very well with curves.
  3. The widest and is also available in Large and Small.

Squeegee techniques

  • Pull Method: Most common squeegee method to apply the PPF and can be used for the majority of installation. This is used to remove the majority of the solution from between the film adhesive and the painted surface. 
  • Push Method: This stroke is used when additional direct force is required. The pushing squeegee stroke is most often used to compress film fingers and remove bubbles. Other locations that could benefit from the pushing stroke are concave and confined areas, as well as edges.

Action Items

Tools & Resources