Fender Common Mistakes

  1. Slip solution drying
    Since this is the first install piece, you may be a little slower in the beginning. When you are going from tack point to another tack point and it takes you a bit longer, make sure you’re not forgetting to spray slip solution underneath. With time, the slip solution can dry and create dry spots which makes the material harder to move.
  2. Moving slip back into tacked areas.
    Once the material is tacked, the PPF is fully adhered to the surface of the vehicle. Which means if you try to move slip down to that same area, the slip solution may not be able to travel down to the edges making it stuck and more difficult to remove. Make sure you review the worksheet illustration for this piece and go away from the tacked points to ensure a bubble-less install.
  3. Not using the right squeegee
    We’ll be recommending squeegee during our installation videos but this part is especially important for the fender because there are areas that have compound curves which make larger squeegees difficult to navigate and get surface contact with the body of the car. Make sure you follow the instructions regarding which squeegee to use.