Hood Common Mistakes

  1. Not enough slip solution.
    The hood is a very large piece, so you need to make sure you spray a lot of slip solution. If there isn’t enough, you may have dry spots or tack points in areas you don’t want that may end up stretching in areas that you don’t want. Make sure you spray a lot and use the shimmy shimmy technique to make sure you have enough slip.
  2. Moving slip back into tacked areas.
    There are three major tack points and once it’s tacked, the PPF is fully adhered to the surface of the vehicle. Which means if you try to move slip down to that same area, the slip solution may not be able to travel down to the edges making it stuck and more difficult to remove. Make sure you review the worksheet illustration for this piece and go away from the tacked points to ensure a bubble-less install.
  3. Not overlapping your squeegee. 
    The hood isn’t too difficult but it can get difficult if you happen to leave large amounts of bubbles in the middle of the hood. So you want to avoid having to lift the material and put it back down. So when you are squeegeeing, it’s recommended to use two hands to ensure a even surface of your squeegee and overlap by 50%.