Mirror Common Mistakes

  1. Over or Under-Stretching Piece A
    It is important to align the inside edge of this piece along the center line of the cars curve and not beyond it. Stretching it past this line will cause the edges of the PPF to pull up over time. Not stretching it enough however will leave you with stubborn fingers that will be resistant to coming out.
  2. Stretching from the Edges
    Whenever you stretch PPF, it is important that you stretch over the entire piece. Pulling on the PPF will cause it to stretch on the end which makes its adhesion unstable, causing the PPF to pull back to its unstretched shape.
  3. Seaming Poorly
    When aligning Piece B to Piece A, it is easy to go to far and overlap the edges (which will leave gaps that water and contaminants can seep into) or to not go far enough and leave a large gap between the pieces which makes the seams obvious. With a good seam, you won’t be able to feel the seam if you run your fingernail gently over it.